Foudrerie Marc Grenier: know-how and quality

Human scale and a strong craftsman character

Large containers demand a rare expertise that marries aestheticism and tradition. Employing techniques specific to cabinetmaking and carpentry, this major art follows in the footsteps of the great French tradition of craftsmanship.

Since 1982, Marc Grenier has been present in the heart of Burgundy. The large containers, that he manufactures with passion and respect for the wood, provide the wine with subtle aromas, excellent thermal. From the beginning the Foudrerie Marc Grenier has been renowned for the top-quality of its vats and casks, first in Burgundy and all around the world.

In 2015, having reached retirement age, Marc Grenier handed over the running of his Foudrerie to the Famille Sylvain while assisting Rémi Sylvain, the third generation of coopers and a wood engineer, and was fully reassured as to the proper transmission of his expertise and the continued quality of his products. Both families share the same philosophy and the same desire to maintain a business on a human scale with a strong craftsman character.




  Rémi Sylvain

Custom manufacturing

Each cask and vat made in the workshops of the Foudrerie Marc Grenier are tailored-made to meet the demands and technical constraints of each customer.

We carry out a natural open-air drying of our wood for 4 years on the wook park of the Foudrerie. Once the staves of the casks ans vats are assembled, we traditionnaly toast with a wood fire. Our teams pay special attention to the finishing work to deliver casks and vats with a particularly neat aesthetic.

80% of the work is carried out manually, using an ancestral know-how. This artisanal character does not prevent our teams to rigorously follow the defined protocols. All manufacturing steps are controlled and a strict traceability procedure is put in place.

The work remain traditional for the assembling, the toasting and finishing step, but for the machining of the staves, the Foudrerie now uses modern and innovative CNC machines, enbling an unmatched stave machining precision.

The vats and casks of the Foudrerie are present in France and around the world

The vats and casks of the Foudrerie are present in the very finest cellars in France, from Burgundy to Bordeaux and including Sancerre, Crozes Hermitage and more, and also around the world in over 18 countries (Argentina, Italy, New-Zealand, South Africa, Spain, United-States...).