Strict selection of 100% French oak

Particularly attentive to providing his customers with a quality raw material, Rémi Sylvain, selects mature oaks mainly from prestigious French forests (Tronçais, Bercé, Fontainebleau, Haguenau, etc.) managed by the ONF (National Forestry Office), but also oaks from local forests to associate the wine-growing terroir and the forestry terroir.
Naturally and exclusively air dried aged, for 4 years depending on the thickness, our woods will provide your wines with the best organoleptic qualities.

A strong involvement to preserve the environnement

Foudrerie Marc Grenier is «PEFC certified», a guarantee of the quality and sustainable management of the forests, in terms of biodiversity and renewal of species. 
It also guarantees that wood purchases are only made from organizations that respect these criteria.


An innovation, to cut up using the split method

For vats, Foudrerie Marc Grenier uses mainly oak wood sawn from the log: boule. 

For the casks the staves used by the Foudrerie Marc Grenier come exclusively from Yonne merrain stave mill. This stave mill, located in Burgundy and also belonging to Famille Sylvain, has unique split tools, specifically developed for long-length splitting. The staves thus come from split wood guaranteeing the perfect watertight. This traditional split technique guarantees exceptional quality of the casks.